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Bio Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide for Exam 2 This list...

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Study Guide for Exam 2 This list of questions and statements is NOT exhaustive; it should not be the only studying you do for the exam, but it’s a good place to start. It may be beneficial to ponder and craft answers to these questions, and then get together with a study group to compare your answers. Vocabulary – define and explain the significance of terms that were used in lecture. Things to know and think about – Cell respiration and fermentation : 1. What is metabolism? What kind of organisms have a metabolism? -metabolism is the ability to acquire and use energy, anything that uses energy has a metabolism 2. Describe what reduction and oxidation are, and explain why respiration involves going from highly reduced to highly oxidized carbon compounds. Why do C-H bonds have more potential energy than C-O bonds? -oxidation is the loss of electons (NADH to NAD+), reduction is the gain of electrons (opposite of oxidation), because respiration requires the transfer of electrons 3. Explain the purpose of ATP and why the chemical structure of ATP makes it good for short term energy storage and delivery; how does ATP actually make reactions occur? 4. Describe the fates of stored chemical potential energy. 5. Differentiate between endergonic and exergonic reactions. 6. Find connections between the 1 st and 2 nd law of thermodynamics and the process of respiration. 7. Describe how fermentation and respiration help living organisms maintain order. 8. State which energy-storage compounds (various macromolecules) are used for long-term storage, short-term storage and transport, and actual use within the cell 9.
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Bio Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide for Exam 2 This list...

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