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CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems Rule-based expert systems and CLIPS Other approaches to knowledge representation: Semantic networks and frames Common sense reasoning: CYC CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence What is an expert system? An expert system is computer software that embodies a significant portion of the specialized knowledge of a human expert in a specific, narrow domain, and emulates the decision-making ability of the human expert The technology is based on the premise that what makes a person an expert is years of experience that enables him to recognize certain patterns in a problem as being similar to patterns he has seen previously It is one of the early (large-scale) successes of artificial intelligence CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Many applications control (air traffic) debugging design (computer configuration) medical diagnosis instruction/training interpretation (speech) monitoring (nuclear plant) planning (mission planning) Factory scheduling prediction (weather) repair (telephone) CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Advantages and disadvantages Human Expert Expert System Pro Expert perishable permanent System unpredictable consistent slow reproduction quick replication expensive affordable slow processing fast processing Pro Human creative lacks inspiration adaptive needs instruction broad focus narrow focus common sense machine knowledge CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Expert system technology Consists of: – Knowledge-base (+ language for encoding knowledge) – Inference engine (algorithms for reasoning) Knowledge-Base Inference Engine User Facts, rules advice Expert System CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Rule-based knowledge representation A rule consists of two parts: condition (antecedent) part and conclusion (action, consequent) part, i.e: IF (conditions) THEN (actions) Antecedent part of the rule describes the facts or conditions that must exist for the rule to fire Consequent describes – the facts that will be established, or – the action that will be taken or conclusion that will be made
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CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Structure of Rule-Based Expert System Inference Engine Agenda (Facts) Working Memory (Rules) Knowledge Base Explanation Facility Knowledge Acquisition Facility User Interface CS 4633/6633 Artificial Intelligence Components of rule-based system • Working memory (Fact memory) • data structures representing the current state of the
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expertsystem-AI - What is an expert system? Artificial...

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