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Self-Assessment Checklist: Financial Management Self-Assessment Checklist - Financial Management ± The Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS (the ‘Code’) states that in order to have effective Fnancial management organisations should ensure: • fund-raising strategies and funding sources are consistent with and supportive of their mission; • systemic preparation of budgets are linked to strategic, operational and programme plans; • budgeting supports the human resources and organisational capacity necessary to achieve their mission; • there are internal control systems that enable production of regular, consistent and reliable Fnancial information; • there are internal accounting systems that provide regular Fnancial reports; • that Fnancial reports can be utilized to track resources, monitor programme spending against budget allocation and assess the cost- effectiveness of programmes; • there is an efFcient grant programming system and provision of Fnance and administrative technical support; • there is regular Fnancial reporting to management, the governing board, donors and communities/constituencies, and annual Fnancial auditing of accounts, and; • there is transparent annual reporting. The Code identifes one key principle on fnancial management: • We manage Fnancial resources in an efFcient, transparent and accountable manner. This self-assessment checklist will help you assess the degree to which your organisation is successfully implementing this principle. The questions are designed to be thinking points/guidelines to help you identify areas that are already at a ‘good practice’ level, and areas that need to be developed and strengthened. This checklist was developed by the Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (CRN+).
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Self-Assessment Checklist - Financial Management ± Self-Assessment Checklist: Financial Management This checklist should be completed by a group of three to Fve staff members who are involved with the Fnancial management processes at your organisation. Please indicate your answer marking the appropriate box. Y Yes, we undertake this work/activity I InsufFcient, in preparation, or being considered N No, we’ve not yet tackled this work/activity NR Not relevant to our work Please note that as Fnancial management is a fundamental issue to all organisations, whatever the sector of work, we expect that you will not have any ‘NR’ responses. Please be honest in completing this checklist. It is expected that your scoring will vary between modules, depending on your area of expertise. There is no formalized scoring process for this assessment. Instead, we suggest that you look at the questions that you answered ‘no’ or ‘insufFcient’ to, and then select areas that are most relevant for your organisation to improve upon in the short-term. Action Plan
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