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Unformatted text preview: mes of Variables and Functions JavaScript is case-sensitive. Example: the if keyword must not be typed as If. keywords, variables, function names CAN consist of any letter, digit, and underscore (_). CANNOT start with a digit. Example: 9To5 is NOT valid. CANNOT be a JavaScript keyword. Examples: b re a k case c o ntinue d e fa ult d e le te do function if im p o rt in ne w else null e xp o rt fa ls e fo r return s witc h th is true These typ e o f var void wh ile with Should be descriptive. Bad examples: Function1, temp names can't tell what the functions do. Function names are generally composed of more than one word: first one is a verb. A common way: First word starts with lowercase, others start with uppercase. Examples: calculateAverage, showRecordDetails (CS1301) Introduction to Computer Programming City Univ of HK / Dept of CS / Helena Wong camelCase 4. Program Structure III - 4 Names of Variables and Functions Using the same variable name locally in 2 or more functions is Okay. DON'T create global variables just because of "saving local variables" The uses of such a variable become difficult to track ( bad coding style, create bugs easily ) <s c rip t typ e =" te xt/ja va s c rip t" > func tio n c o nve rtT o G ra d e (m a rk) { &lt...
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