Script h e a d b o d y global variables

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Unformatted text preview: t;head></head>. </script> </h e a d > <b o d y > ... ... Global variables and functions declared in one block can be accessed from other locations. Eg., the previous Counter example. Try out: Add 10 to the counter (add a add10() function in a new JavaScript block) Global variables and functions are normally created in <head>..</head>. Reasons: (1) The browser loads everything in the <head> tag before it starts executing any JavaScript. That means, if we put global variables and functions in <head>, then they can be used immediately when the page begins to load. (CS1301) Introduction to Computer Programming City Univ of HK / Dept of CS / Helena Wong .. .. .. <script type="text/javascript"> .. .. .. </script> .. .. .. .. .. <script type="text/javascript"> .. .. .. </script> .. .. .. </b o d y > </h tm l> ... ... ... ... (2) Easier to lookup. 4. Program Structure III - 3 Na...
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