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Unformatted text preview: 1 CS345 Data Mining Mining the Web for Structured Data Our view of the web so far… ¡ Web pages as atomic units ¡ Great for some applications ¢ e.g., Conventional web search ¡ But not always the right model Going beyond web pages ¡ Question answering ¢ What is the height of Mt Everest? ¢ Who killed Abraham Lincoln? ¡ Relation Extraction ¢ Find all <company,CEO> pairs ¡ Virtual Databases ¢ Answer database-like queries over web data ¢ E.g., Find all software engineering jobs in Fortune 500 companies Question Answering ¡ E.g., Who killed Abraham Lincoln? ¡ Naïve algorithm ¢ Find all web pages containing the terms “killed” and “Abraham Lincoln” in close proximity ¢ Extract k-grams from a small window around the terms ¢ Find the most commonly occuring k- grams Question Answering ¡ Naïve algorithm works fairly well! ¡ Some improvements ¢ Use sentence structure e.g., restrict to noun phrases only ¢ Rewrite questions before matching ¡ “What is the height of Mt Everest” becomes “The height of Mt Everest is <blank>” ¡ The number of pages analyzed is more important than the sophistication of the NLP ¢ For simple questions Reference: Dumais et al Relation Extraction ¡ Find pairs (title, author) ¢ Where title is the name of a book ¢ E.g., (Foundation, Isaac Asimov) ¡ Find pairs (company, hq) ¢ E.g., (Microsoft, Redmond) ¡ Find pairs (abbreviation, expansion) ¢ (ADA, American Dental Association) ¡ Can also have tuples with >2 components 2 Relation Extraction ¡ Assumptions: ¢ No single source contains all the tuples ¢ Each tuple appears on many web pages ¢ Components of tuple appear “close” together ¡ Foundation, by Isaac Asimov ¡ Isaac Asimov’s masterpiece, the <em>Foundation</em> trilogy ¢ There are repeated patterns in the way tuples are represented on web pages Naïve approach ¡ Study a few websites and come up with a set of patterns e.g., regular expressions letter = [A-Za-z. ] title = letter{5,40} author = letter{10,30} <b>(title)</b> by (author) Problems with naïve approach ¡ A pattern that works on one web page might produce nonsense when applied to another ¢ So patterns need to be page-specific, or at least site-specific ¡ Impossible for a human to exhaustively enumerate patterns for every relevant website ¢ Will result in low coverage Better approach (Brin) ¡ Exploit duality between patterns and tuples ¢ Find tuples that match a set of patterns...
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RelationExtraction-1 - 1 CS345 Data Mining Mining the Web...

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