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Jump to Navigation Frame Your location: Assessments View All Submissions › View Attempt View Attempt 1 of 1 Title: Final Exam--Dec 10, 11, or 12 Started: December 12, 2010 1:57 PM Submitted: December 12, 2010 2:56 PM Time spent: 00:59:46 Total score: 17.4/30 = 58% Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maximum possible score: 30 1. Hans Selye theorized that stress Student Response Value Correct Answer A. is always unpleasant. B. can be either eustress or distress. 100% C. follows a very unpredictable pattern. D. is unrelated to disease. Score: 0.6/0.6 2. Lia has a "hardy" personality. How is she likely to react or respond to a stres Student Response Value Correct Answer A. Lia has an exaggerated stress response. 0% B. Lia views the stressor in a relaxed and contemplative way.
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Student Response Value Correct Answer C. Lia feels hopeless and doesn't think she can handle the situation. D. Lia views the stressor as a challenge and an opportunity to learn. Score: 0/0.6 3. Progressive relaxation is best described as Student Response Value Correct Answer A. a cognitive exercise. 0% B. a form of intellectual development. C. an activity alternating muscle tension and relaxation. D. a specialized form of cardiorespiratory endurance training. Score: 0/0.6 4. Stress may increase risk for cardiovascular disease by increasing Student Response Value Correct Answer A. maximal
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Student Response Value Correct Answer B. blood pressure. 100% C. HDL cholesterol. D. glucose tolerance. Score: 0.6/0.6 5. The term stressor is best defined as Student Response Value Correct Answer A. any physical or psychological event that produces stress. 100% B. the nonspecific response of the body to any demand. C. the physical and emotional changes associated with stress. D. an unpleasant stress state believed to cause illness. Score: 0.6/0.6 6. When dealing with stress, compulsive exercise can do all of the following EX Student Response Value Correct Answer A. strengthen 100%
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Student Response Value Correct Answer B. lead to depression and irritability. C. lead to fatigue and diminished performance. D. become an additional stressor. Score: 0.6/0.6 7. While cholesterol is important for many body functions, excess cholesterol i because it is deposited Student Response Value Correct Answer A. in fat cells. B. on artery walls. 100% C. in cell membranes. D. around nerves. Score: 0.6/0.6 8. The average home in the United States generates about ______ pounds of ha annually. Student Response Value Correct Answer A. 50 B. 75 C. 100 100% D. 200 E. 500
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Score: 0.6/0.6 9. What greenhouse gas is the primary cause of global warming? Student Response Value Correct Answer A. ozone B. sulfur dioxide C. nitrogen dioxide 100% D. chlorofluorocarbons Score: 0.6/0.6 10. An eating disorder characterized by a refusal to eat enough food to maintain
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