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Describe the normal events of fetal development and how does malnutrition impair fetal development? Ans. In the first month of fvetal development the embryo is made up of layers of cells which will develop into different organ systems. During the second month there is appearance of slightly webbed fingers and is moving. Till sixtenn week growth of fetus is very fast. By the end of the fourth month, the eyes are formed and bone formation also starts. During the 7 th month, the fetus can follow light and open and close eyes. By the end of ninth month the
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Unformatted text preview: fets is fully grown with all the organ and the organ systems. During the growth of fetus, nutrition is very important factor for the development of organs and tissues, blood, brain and bones. Lack of maternal nutrition or malnutrition can cause irreversible harmto the fetus. An undernourished mother is expected to give birth to an underweight baby, who may be underdeveloped as a child and in turn give birth to malnourished baby....
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