Bio-208-WA3hydrogenation - (BIO-208) Assignment: (Module 3:...

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(BIO-208) – Assignment: (Module 3: Hydrogenation) 1 Describe the process of fat hydrogenation, and discuss its advantages and disadvantages? Hydrogenation is a process where the molecular structure of a fat is changed so that the fat becomes hardened, for example the food industry converts hydrogenate oils and adds them to food This way the food won’t turn rancid, by the food being hydrogenated stay fresher and it has more shelf life, in other words, food is convert to plastic. Using this method the food companies save money, but their practice is detrimental for human’s health and unfortunately Hydrogenated Fats are use in thousands of food across America and in the world, and this is the cause of obesity, cholesterol and heart diseases. Fats are of two types ‘unsaturated’ and ‘saturated’. At room temperature, saturated fats such as those commonly found in butter and other animal fats are solid for example like cheeses, beef, butter and other dairy product, also fried and bake food are highly saturated fats , while unsaturated fats or Trans-fats are usually liquid, like Vegetable oil, olive oil, peanut oil and the oil from avocados. According to the authors of the Book Understanding Nutrition; Hydrogenation offers two advantages. (p138). First, it protects against oxidation (thereby prolonging shelf life) by making polyunsaturated fats more saturated. Second, it alters the texture of foods by making liquid vegetable oils more solid (as in margarine and shortening) Hydrogenated fats improve the texture of foods,
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Bio-208-WA3hydrogenation - (BIO-208) Assignment: (Module 3:...

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