WA8-BIO-208 - The Science of Nutrition(BIO-208(WA8 What...

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Unformatted text preview: The Science of Nutrition (BIO-208): (WA8) What factors influence the body's use of glucose during physical activity and how: Factors that influence the use of Glucose during physical Activity “Glucose, stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen, is vital to physical activity”. (p. 466). Glucose is a six carbon containing carbohydrate, called as ‘hexose sugar.’ Sugars or carbohydrates are the The Science of Nutrition (BIO-208): (WA8) primary source of energy in our body. The way our body process the glucose is during exertion, the liver breaks down its glycogen and releases the glucose into the bloodstream, and then the muscles use this glucose as well as their own private glycogen stores to fuel their work. This supply energy in a rapid manner, its consumption is also easy as, it adopts an easier pathway for its metabolism that could be run by body comfortably, in compare to others which are used for energy production., therefore, intake of glucose as well as other carbohydrates rich diet is suggested by doctors too because glycogen can support everyday activities, but the only problem is that the activities should not exceed the 2000 kcalories, because if we exceed this amount the glycogen would get depleted and our muscles would become weak. (466) The book understanding nutrition(2010) stated, that Intensity of activity affects glycogen use because of how long an exercising person’s glycogen will last depends not only on diet, but also on the intensity of the activity. Moderate activities such as jogging during which breathing is steady and easy use glycogen slowly because the lungs and circulatory system have no trouble keeping up with muscles’ need for oxygen. The main factors behind utilization of glucose depend on our requirement. As, during rest, our body needs minimum supply of energy so, a limited food supply could be proved enough. But with the increment of demand of body (such as due to more work load or physical exercises that lie in the The Science of Nutrition (BIO-208): (WA8)...
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WA8-BIO-208 - The Science of Nutrition(BIO-208(WA8 What...

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