6 Cyrus Cylinder

6 Cyrus Cylinder - against his city Babylon He made him set...

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The Cyrus Cylinder Cyrus I (reigned 550-530 BCE) founded the Persian Empire. The Persian state left behind relatively few official pronouncements, but this text, inscribed on a small clay cylinder, describes Cyrus’ view of his own conquest of Babylon in 539 BCE. Babylon was the biggest and richest city in the world at the time. Marduk [chief god of Babylon], the great lord, a protector of his people, beheld with pleasure Cyrus’ good deeds and his upright mind [and therefore] ordered him to march
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Unformatted text preview: against his city Babylon. He made him set out on the road to Babylon going at his side like a real friend. Without any battle, he made him enter Babylon, sparing Babylon any calamity. He delivered into Cyrus’ hands Nabonidus [king of Babylon], the king who did not worship [Marduk]. All the inhabitants of Babylon as well as of the entire country of Sumer and Akkad, princes and governors, bowed to Cyrus and kissed his feet, jubilant that he [had received] the kingship, and with shining faces....
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