12 Eirik the Red

12 Eirik the Red - EIRIK THE RED'S SAGA This text is one of...

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EIRIK THE RED'S SAGA This text is one of a large number of Norse sagas composed between the tenth and thirteenth centuries CE, mostly concerning colonists in Iceland and Greenland. This saga describes the adventures of a party that briefly settled at Vinland (probably L’Anse aux Meadows in Canada) around 1000 CE. 2. Once there was a man named Thorvald, son of Asvald, son of Ulf, son of Yxna-Thoris. His son was named Eirik. Father and son left their home in Jaederen in Norway to Iceland, because of manslaughters, and occupied land in Hornstrandir, and dwelt at Drangar. There Thorvald died, and Eirik then married Thjodhild, daughter of Jorund, son of Atli, and of Thorbjorg the Ship-breasted, whom afterwards Thorbjorn, of the Haukadalr (Hawkdale) family, married; he it was who dwelt at Eiriksstadr after Eirik removed from the north. It is near Vatzhorn. Eirik's slaves cause a landslide on the estate of Valthjof, at Valthjofsstadr, so Eyjolf the Foul, his kinsman, killed the slaves beside Skeidsbrekkur, above Vatzhorn. In return Eirik killed Eyjolf the Foul; he also killed Hrafn the Dueler, at Leikskalar. Gerstein, and Odd of Jorfi, kinsman of Eyjolf, took action over his death with a legal prosecution, and Eirik was banished from Haukadalr. He occupied then Brokey and Ox Island, and dwelt at Tradir, in Sudrey, the first winter. At this time did he lend to Thorgest wood for seat-stocks, Afterwards Eirik removed into Ox Island, and dwelt at Eiriksstadr. He then claimed his wood back, and got it not. Then went Eirik and fetched the wood from Breidabolstadr, and Thorgest went after him. They fought at a short distance from the hay-yard at Drangar, and there fell two sons of Thorgest, and some other men. After that they both kept a large body of fighting men at home. Styr gave assistance to Eirik, as also did Eyjolf, of Sviney, Thorbjorn Vifilsson, and the sons of Thorbrand, of Alptafjordr (Swanfirth). But the sons of Thord Gellir, as also Thorgeir, of Hitardalr (Hotdale), Aslak, of Langadalr (Longdale), and Illugi, his son, gave assistance to Thorgest. Eirik and his people were outlawed at Thorsnes assembly. He prepared a ship in Eiriksvagr (creek), and Eyjolf concealed him in Dimunarvagr while Thorgest and his people sought him among the islands. Eirik said to his people that he planned to seek the land which Gunnbjorn, son of Ulf the Crow, saw when he was driven westwards over the ocean, and discovered Gunnbjarnarsker. He promised that he would return to visit his friends if he found the land. Thorbjorn, and Eyjolf, and Styr accompanied Eirik beyond the islands. They separated in the most friendly manner, Eirik saying that he would help them equally, if he could, and if they should happen to need him. Then he sailed oceanwards under Snow Mountain Glacier and arrived at the glacier called Blue-shirt; thence he journeyed south to see if there were any inhabitants of the country. He passed the first winter at Eiriksey, near the middle, of the Vestribygd (western settlement). The following spring he
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12 Eirik the Red - EIRIK THE RED'S SAGA This text is one of...

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