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Hum Hist 2 ho 8 - Human History Week 5 lecture 1 Political...

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Human History Week 5, lecture 1 Political revolution 4/25/11 The 17th-/18th-century context Broad similarities between Eurasia in 15th-16th century, as recovers from Black Death crisis, and Eurasia in 5th-10th century, as recovers from collapse of ancient empires Five horsemen of apocalypse (migration, disease, state failure, famine, climate change) threatening again Might expect crisis and collapse in 18th-19th centuries But scale of processes leads to some different results—closing of steppe highway, opening of Atlantic economy, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment The logic of agrarian societies Old, agrarian structures hard-pressed to accommodate NW European challenges As in previous great changes (agriculture, cities/states, empires), rightward skewing of complexity drives restructuring of society; accompanied by massive violence Very hierarchical forms of agrarian society, based on traditional structures of religion, gender, wealth, and forced labor Gellner model ( Nations and Nationalism
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