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Hum Hist 2 ho 12 - Human History Week 7, lecture 1 New...

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Human History Week 7, lecture 1 New empires (II): 1750-1914 5/9/11 The growing Western core Like expansion of agriculture, states, and empires, industry expands through migration and emulation Britain alone sends out 13 million settlers, 1820-1910 This “white plague” (Niall Ferguson, Empire [2003]) transforms North America New York has 79,000 residents in 1800, 2,500,000 in 1890; Chicago has 30,000 in 1850, over 1,000,000 in 1890 For her, all the Central States, all the Great Northwest roared with traffic and industry; sawmills screamed; factories, their smoke blackening the sky, clashed and flamed; wheels turned, pistons leaped in their cylinders; cog gripped cog; beltings clasped the drums of mammoth wheels; and converters of forges belched into the clouded air their tempest breath of molten steel. It was Empire. (Frank Norris, The Pit , 1903) Logic of capitalism: comparative advantage encourages British to export capital, expertise, and machinery to potential rivals US and Germany catch up as new phase of industrial revolution begins, depending more on chemistry, high tech, and management science US becomes new kind of homogeneous liberal nation-state, but happens through great violence—Civil War, Plains Wars, exclusion of unwanted kinds of immigrants
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Hum Hist 2 ho 12 - Human History Week 7, lecture 1 New...

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