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Eric Barkley Assignment #1 1. Match the definition with the appropriate term. 1. Computer system device (d. hardware) 2. Another word for programs (e. software) 3. Language rules (b. syntax) 4. Order of instructions (c. logic) 5. Language translator (a. compiler) 3. Match the term with the appropriate shape. 1. Input (b) 2. Processing (a) 3. Output (b) 4. Decision (d) 5. Terminal (c) 4. begin prompt “enter number to be multiplied by 10” to be stored in myNumber
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Unformatted text preview: input myNumber calculate myAnswer = myNumber *10 output = “your number is equal to ” +myAnswer; end 5. begin prompt “enter a circles radius” to be stored in myRadius input myRadius calculate diameter = myRadius *2 calculate circumference = diameter * 3.14 output = “your diameter is equal to: ”+diameter+” and your circumference is: “+circumference; end...
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