English paper part A, B, C, and Works Cited

English paper part A, B, C, and Works Cited - Putting the...

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Putting the “Wo”nderful back in Man Part A “Are you a rich business tycoon?’ no, well neither am I but I bet that you have a significant woman in your life that you would do anything for. I only bring this up because I want to bring up something that may affect important women in our lives. At one time or another, a woman you know is going to go for her prenatal care or annual exams. Without going into too much detail these are just things that they go through Some women in certain classes or environments may not be able to afford or have access to these things that some of us consider luxuries. I know that you are thinking “Why should I care?” , well this is why you should care, this topic is being brought up in our Congress right now as they go back and forth trying to come to a compromise before there’s a government shutdown. I became interesting in this because being a government worker I am affected by any shutdown or slowing of the process. This issue seems to be one of the most publicized. We are on the cusp of a government shutdown due to opposing sides of many controversial issues one being planned parenthood. Plan Parenthood is an organization that provides many services to women who may not be able to get services they need due to circumstances beyond their control, for the most part. The Democrats in congress want to make sure women are taken care of and want to keep this organization’s funding where it is. On the other hand are the Republicans who feel that they should be able to cut the organization altogether, or at least funding for it. They feel that it is a useless bottomless pit in which taxpayer money is just fallen into.
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I feel that there are pro’s and con’s to each sides opinion. I believe that the Republicans are in the right about our budget being extremely overly strained. I do not feel that they are right about our country not needing Plan Parenthood. The Democrats are right that we should try to find other funding to cut so that we are able to keep a stable amount flowing into Plan Parenthood. What it seems to me is that compromise for Plan Parenthood is the key issue that both parties are overlooking. I feel that we as a nation are quick to argue and slow to compromise. I believe that the Republicans should come to an agreement with the Democrats on the issue to keep Plan Parenthood. The Republicans should realize that this organization is well worth the funding even though our government is trying to find things in the budget to cut. As we go through this issue together I will go more in depth in the advantages and disadvantages to this compromise. Because, in the end, only you can make the decision of what works for you.
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English paper part A, B, C, and Works Cited - Putting the...

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