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Standard UNIX Text Editors for Shell Scripting Part A I have always been interested in UNIX as an operating system. Coming out of high school I had very little knowledge of anything other than Microsoft Windows. When I graduated I joined the United State Navy and started my career in the “IT” field. My first duty station was in Guam. This is where I was first introduced to the world of the UNIX system. My job entailed me to administer and manage two UNIX servers for a whole ship. Now this may seem easy to sum but starting off I had no idea what I was doing. After learning the basics of the system I got into how to operate using a text editor. The text editor of choice was Gedit, and may I say it was a wonderful choice. At first I didn’t really find myself to interested in scripting or editing or anything of that nature. I just really wanted to work on the hardware of computers. That was my passion at the time. Over the year that I spent there I really got into using the Gedit text editor. I didn’t learn a lot because we never really had to use it. We mainly just did back-up’s for the system. When I started my associates’ degree through Coastline Community College I took a basic UNIX class and they taught use a little about scripting. It was interesting but it didn’t capture my eye. It wasn’t until I got here to Germany that I started working in the scripting department of my “IT” field. Now we do scripting on Windows not UNIX so I am sure it is a little different. When I saw that one of the options for this paper had to deal with scripting I decided that it was for me. I am looking forward to researching this topic and finding out what differences and similarities scripting has from UNIX to Windows. When I read about UNIX text editors in regards to shell scripting, I think of writing running scripts for a running operating system (OS). What I believe script writing refers to is the action of making a number of running commands for an OS so that you don’t have to do that
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action every time you start your OS. Whether this is 100% true or not I am looking forward to researching more about the topic of script writing with text editors. Some questions I have that I want to get answered are “What are the commands to use for UNIX to start and complete a script?”
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Paper Part A & B - Standard UNIX Text Editors for...

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