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Works Cited Part B Everyone needs water to live, so campers need to drink, but they must drink carefully. Campers must treat lake or stream water before drinking it (Kitts B7). Boiling water before drinking it, using a portable filter to purify water, or treating water with iodine tablets are ways to treat water (Kitts B7). In addition to being careful about drinking water, campers need to be careful about getting too wet; what they wear can make them miserable. “Cotton retains moisture and, though it is a comfortable material, it is extremely slow to dry” (Pagano and Tatum 25). If you run into
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Unformatted text preview: trouble and need immediate help, The universal distress signal is three of anythingshouts, whistles, or flashes of light (Loving Camping). Part C Kitts, Kara. Camping. New York Times 5 May 2005: B7. Print Pagano, Michelle, and Jennifer Tatum. The Great Outdoors. New York: Warner Books, 2004. Print. Stuart, Jane. Loving Camping. 14 Oct. 2004. Wildlife Conservation Department of the University of Wisconsin. Web. 19 May 2005....
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