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Unit 1 Reflections 1. What have you learned in this unit? I have learned that there is more to learn from Linux than what I though. I have worked with it for a few years now but after reading about some of the background and how it is used in companies I am impressed. I didn’t realize how much some companies use this OS. I hope to continue to learn more throughout the weeks. 2. What did you like best in this unit? I liked learning about the advantages and disadvantages of the text editors. I use text editing a lot at work and maybe I can see if
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Unformatted text preview: we can get a better one here at work. I also liked to read about what others feel about the editors. 3. What did you like least? I like how the lab is set up but I don’t like that I can’t use it in a browser because it isn’t updated for it. 4. Are you having any problems with any of the material thus far? The only problem I was having was not being able to do the Labsim on a browser. I had to download it. 5. Are there any concepts you'd like me to clarify for you? No there aren’t....
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