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The Guest by Albert Camus - Questions

The Guest by Albert Camus - Questions - The Whipping by...

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Jessica Madlangsakay Mr. Schlesinger English 4AP, Period 1 17 February 2012 Albert Camus “The Guest” – Questions #1-9 1. The central conflict of the story is that of both internal and external in terms that the external conflict is revolved around society, where it becomes a conflict between war and rebellion amongst people. The internal conflict mostly revolves around Daru, who is struggling in a conflict of justice versus mercy. Daru wants to seek justice so that he can eradicate himself from the equation so that he won’t have to concern himself in society’s problem. At the same time, he shows mercy by giving him food and a warm place to rest. It can be a dilemma that personal human interest can conflict with what is bound by the law. 2. Daru and Balucci have sort of an oil and water relationship. Daru does not want to concern himself in Balucci’s request while Balucci cannot wait to have the prisoner out of his hands so that he no longer has any responsibility or obligation towards the boy. Daru questions Balucci’s intentions and finds him quite a suspicious individual. Balucci finds that Daru is just a small part of a larger mission when transporting the prisoner. I think both Balucci and Daru are not malicious men, but they do hold to some degree that they have to proceed their duties with caution. The central conflict arises when Daru and
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