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Unit 3 Reflections 1. What have you learned in this unit? I have learned a lot about different file systems. I like how each file system can kind of relate to another on Linux. Ext4 is kind of the evolved version of all the other ones before it. NTFS is still a great one to use though. 2. What did you like best in this unit? I liked the thorough discussions everyone posted about the different file systems.
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Unformatted text preview: I pulled a lot of good information from them 3. What did you like least? The same thing as last unit is what I like the least. The labs are very extensive but I seem to keep getting a good grade on it so I am not complaining. 4. Are you having any problems with any of the material thus far? No I am not. 5. Are there any concepts you'd like me to clarify for you? No there aren’t....
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