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Unit4Reflection1 - I have been in 3 What did you like least...

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Unit 4 Reflections 1. What have you learned in this unit? I have learned a good deal about the “cron” and “at” commands in Linux. How they are used and what things they can be commonly used for. 2. What did you like best in this unit? I liked the great deal of information passed in the discussion boards. I think this class so far has had the best discussions out of every class
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Unformatted text preview: I have been in. 3. What did you like least? The same thing as last unit is what I like the least. The labs are very extensive but I seem to keep getting a good grade on it so I am not complaining. 4. Are you having any problems with any of the material thus far? No I am not. 5. Are there any concepts you'd like me to clarify for you? No there aren’t....
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