POS2041 CRN 21039 T-R Spring 2008

POS2041 CRN 21039 T-R Spring 2008 - VALENCIA COMMUNITY...

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VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE POS 2041 CRN 21039 U.S. Government Course Syllabus – Spring 2008 Instructor: Peter Kovarik Classroom: WP Room #108 Office Hours: By Appointment Meeting Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Telephone: 407-247-8757 Tuesday - Thursday pkovarik@atlas.valenciacc.edu I. TEXTBOOK: Required: I. COURSE DESCRIPTION: US Government Theory, organization, principles and functions of national government, stressing relationships of individual to all levels of government in political system. This course includes learning activity designed to ensure competence in the basic use of computers. Pre-requisite/co-requisite: None Independent critical thinking is a key objective of this class. On a regular basis, you will prepare for class discussions/debates where your active participation will be an essential part of your learning process and your academic evaluation. You will also read and critique newspaper articles; your task will be to separate facts from opinions, to recognize biased interpretation of events and develop your own independent point of view. Our weekly current events discussions (following the news briefs) will also help you develop your own ideas about what’s going on the local and the national political scene. II. COURSE MANAGEMENT GUIDE: 1. Tests and Grading Policy There will be a take-home essay exam and a final in-class exam (multiple choice). The essay exam will be based on Internet research and class discussion: You will choose and research issue(s) important to you using governmental and non-government websites. Then you will compose a plan for a political campaign leading to your election and a political office of your choice. The final will be an in-class exam which will cover two last chapters of the course material (Ch. 18, 19). Each exam represents 50 points. Taking the final exam is mandatory – if you miss the final you will fail the course. The final exam will take place on Tuesday 4/22 at 10:00 a.m. 2. Article reviews During the semester you will get two newspaper articles to review. On the due day indicated on the assigned article you will turn in a 2- page critical review consisting of a brief summary of the text and your opinion on the subject. You have to follow the “Guidelines for writing article review” attached to the Syllabus to be able to earn the full credit of 20 points. (There will be 2 article reviews assigned – maximum total: 40 points.) 3. “Critical Thinking” Assignments Two “Critical Thinking” home assignments will be assigned. Each essay will be at least two pages long, each earning maximum 20 points; i.e. a maximum total of 40 points. In your first Critical Thinking assignment, an essay on American Presidency, you will view a video and
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POS2041 CRN 21039 T-R Spring 2008 - VALENCIA COMMUNITY...

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