L5 - finding_the_classes_inclass_exercise

L5 - finding_the_classes_inclass_exercise - What behavior...

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Class Discovery/Design Exercise COP 2800, Reed, 201110 (Fall, 2010). Instructions Please work together with your team to arrive at a consensus response for each of the questions below. Have one group member type your collective response into a copy of this document, and submit it as a response to the assignment in BB9. Please use as much space as needed in your responses. 1. List team members here. Team Members: 2. Which scenario are you addressing? Topic: 3. Please list and describe (briefly) two or more possible classes you have discovered from your analysis and discussion of the topic. (Remember, you can start with the “nouns and verbs” rule for now) Candidate Classes: 4. For at least one of these classes, provide the names of two or three public methods.
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Unformatted text preview: What behavior do these methods encapsulate? Methods: 5. What getter and setter methods would you need or want (for at least one of the classes)? Getters Setters 6. For at least one of these methods, state a precondition, a postcondition and an invariant. Precondition(s) Postcondition(s) Invariant(s) 7. How many instance of each class would you need? Why? I nstances: 8. What errors might these methods be expected to handle? What action would you take for at least one of these errors? Exceptions 9. Please use this space for any additional remarks you care to add. Comments:...
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L5 - finding_the_classes_inclass_exercise - What behavior...

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