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Valencia Community College Course Syllabus Fall 2010 COP 2800 Java Programming 3 Credit Hours Instructor: Gerald (Jerry) Reed Phone: 407-582-5583 Email: Please e-mail “All Section Instructors” via Valencia Online For urgent messages, you may use: [email protected] This is a hybrid course. It has both face-to-face and on-line components. It is vital that you attend class regularly and keep up with your on-line work from week to week in order to succeed. The work you will perform for the class is: Project assignments Discussion postings and responses Quizzes Final Examination (All assignments must be turned in via Valencia Online) We will cover the same amount of material as if the class were a conventional, face-to- face, full semester one. Please bear this in mind when planning your time and other activities. The goal is for you to enjoy some of the flexibility of on-line courses, and yet still get the direct and immediate feedback, interaction and assistance possible in a face- to-face setting. Course Description: From the Valencia Catalog : COP 2800 – Intro to Java Programming • Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in COP 1006 or departmental approval A hands-on course in programming with the Java language for students who have completed a course in programming concepts or have some other programming experience. Students will create Java applications with emphasis on correct object-oriented programming techniques and will become familiar with object- oriented design, including the creation of classes in Java and the use of existing classes as provided in the current version of Java API. Major Topics These are some of the most important topics we'll cover: Introduction to the Java Language Java Language Fundamentals Java Control Structures Java Collections Reed, Fall 2010, 07/12/10, Syllabus_COP_2800_Java_Programming_201110.odt 1 of 5
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Object-oriented Programming Packages and Access Modifiers Interfaces Exceptions Learning Outcomes These set down the basic knowledge, skills and abilities you should have after completing this course. Please see the Learning Outcomes document for details. We'll be referring to these outcomes frequently during the course, as we complete in-class and homework projects.
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Syllabus_COP_2800_Java_Programming_201110 - Valencia...

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