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COP 2800 Java Programming, Class Project. October 18 th , 2010. Overview This is a team project that will likely take several classes to complete. Each team member will receive class participation credit for working on this project. We will need at least four teams. All of the work can be done in class, although you are free to embellish anything we develop outside of class on your own time, and possibly for project credit. The goal is to produce a completely distributed “chat” application, rather like AIM or Yahoo Instant Messenger, but with the undisciplined nature of an IRC channel. We'll use a simple, “server-free” implementation in which all communication is peer-to-peer, one to many, using a network technology known as UDP Multi-cast . I don't have a firm idea of the scope or even all the possibilities here, but I do know that we can both learn a lot about coding in Java and have some fun along the way with this one. Learning Objectives L3 – Selection and repetition constructs in Java We're bound to need some of these to implement the logic needed for this project. L4 – Collections Just off the top of my head, a couple of possible applications for collections in the chat application include keeping track of the last M out of N messages received, or keeping a list of nicknames in use and how many characters each has sent. L5 – Object-Oriented principles We'll be reusing some packaged classes (jar files) from the 'Net, and we'll take an OO approach with the classes we compose as well. Among the practical considerations not necessarily captured in the Learning Objectives is some hands- on experience with downloading, installing and extending classes developed by others. Since one of
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udp_multi_project2 - COP 2800 Java Programming, Class...

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