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Brian Lau 4/16/07 Claim Proposal Georg Simmel argues that being a stranger incorporates both “a state of detachment from every given point in space” (184) and “the conceptual opposite of attachment to any point.” (184) Simply said, a stranger is one who can doesn’t have any ties with any thing or body. Straight to the point, Simmel argues that we are now living in a world where every day, everyone around us and strangers, and as a way to familiarize ourselves with these “strangers,” we categorize them by class, race, gender, occupation, and even the way people are dressed. In “My Kinsman, Major Molineux,” Robin is close, by proximity, but far in the sense of actually having some sort of
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Unformatted text preview: relationship with them. And before leaving the town after being disgusted at the sight of Major Molineux, a familiar old man tells Robin, “If you remain with us, perhaps, as you are a shrewd youth, you may rise in the world, without the help of your kinsman.” With that said Robin is given a choice to decide whether he would leave or stay and that is the true meaning of being a stranger; “the potential wanderer, so to speak, who, although he has gone no further, has not quite got over the freedom of coming and going.”...
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