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~Grtmentof xxx Title of Course Cultural and Ethical Issues in Science and technology Class hours (DL) PHI 111-981 Semestcr Spring 2008 Instructor FOSTER Credits 3 Course Description There are few areas of our lives that have not been shaped in some way by technology. We often think of technology as a collection of knowledge and inventions that is supposed to make our lives easier by making it possible to do things more quickly with less human toil. The evidence for this view is all around us, in the manifold devices we use on a day to day basis. Whatever the merits of this view, the more we look into technology, the more questions arise about the kind of thing technology really is. Furthermore, the sheer pace of technological changes in many areas of life has often outstripped the ability of people who are affected by these changes to comprehend what has happened to them, and how their lives may be or have been affected by these changes. Both of these problems require us to try to understand technology using the resources of philosophy and ethics. On the one hand. we need to ask questions about what kind of thing technology is, and exactly what sort of changes in human life are attributable to it. On the other hand, we need to develop ideas for understanding the ethical implications of technology, and also to think about what kind of standards are appropriate for evaluating technological inventions and P changes from an ethical point of view. In this course, therefore, our first task will be to understand technology from a historical and philosophical perspective. As we will see, the different answers to this question reflect different political and social points and view, and assent to different theories will lead to profoundly different conclusions about technology itself (is it a positive or negative force overall?), and how to evaluate it (should we focus solely on its effects, or are there alternative ways of looking at it?). In the second part of the course, we will spend some time looking at current, controversial issues in the use and development of technology, such as genetic reproduction and biotechnology, population and the environment, and information technology. The goal will be for students to develop the skills to evaluate technology and social change critically, using theoretical frameworks and practical insights.
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PHI111_981 - ~ G r t m e n t o x xx f Title of Course PHI...

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