Lecture 1 - Jan 4th

Lecture 1 - Jan 4th - Social Psychology Background...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Psychology Background- forgetful, from Quebec- father from arm forces working on Radar base- http://sullivan-painresearch.mcgill.ca /- can download PDF’s of paper’s from that lab- try TA’s ¡rst before the Prof- Of¡ce Hours: T/TH 8:30 - 9:30 - only FINAL cumulative- MC exams drawn from text and class material- either de¡nition questions or ¡ll in the blank questions or questions about speci¡c studies- a lot of studies in textbook but the ones we will be tested will be on the important studies Social Psychology: why things happen; how things happen- we can only change things if we understand why they happen in the ¡rst place Questions to Consider- what makes people who they are- what makes people do the things they do- what are people all about AMERICAN IDOL VIDEO:- 2 African American's who characterize themselves with words and do this in a positive way- is it re¢ected in reality? He thinks he has an amazing voice yet the man gets every note off- he is certainly not deriving his positive sense of self from his experience in the world STAR TRECK VIDEO 1- in the world we are attracted to other people and end up in romantic relationship of some sort- if we all do it how does it happen and with who? STAR TRECK VIDEO 2- he expected her to follow the same type of relational script that he grew up with to model behavior- she didn’t do the same thing which causes issues- not everyone has the same relational scripts as other cultures- human beings can be attracted to people and form an emotional bond that does not...
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Lecture 1 - Jan 4th - Social Psychology Background...

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