Lecture 10 - Feb 3rd

Lecture 10 - Feb 3rd - Chapter 5 - Stereotypes, Prejudice,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 - Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination- we have a tendency to group people which can take a negative or positive tone based on our beliefs on the group. What is a Group?- two or more people perceived as having at least one of the following characteristics:- direct interactions with each other over a period of time- joint membership in a social category based on sex, race, or other attributes- a shared, common fate, identity, or set of goals- we see people in fundamentally different ways if we see them as a group rather than individuals- his Frst wife left (he got married at 20) him to be in a motorcycle gang. They were only married for 18 months. In order to divorce faster if one claims he is an adulterer then you get off faster so he agreed to be the guilty one. - a group of people at a sports event according to the book are not considered a group, they are considered an accidental assembly Defning Important Terms- Stereotypes :- beliefs that associate a whole group of people with certain traits- look at someone wearing a certain thing and identify them with a certain group.- Prejudice:- negative feelings about others because of their connection to a social group- Discrimination :- negative behaviors directed against persons because of their membership in a particular group- as soon as you think of a certain group of people and think of characteristics of them, you make a stereotype.- ex. men are .... (lazy)- women are .... (awesome)- jews are ... (Cheap)- blacks are ... (gangsters)- Italians are ... (stallions)- irish are .... (drunk)- stereotypes often happen after your Frst experiences with the group. - he went to Nashville for a conference and he asked what do people do in Nashville?- the guy told him to go to this place that has the largest line dancing in the world- so Prof went there and a lot of others are going there, in Nashville people dress up like cowboys. He is walking behind a cowboy couple and listening into the conversation; he is talking all about himself (it sounds like the beginning of their relationship) and at one point he says to her you know, hardly a day goes by I am not thinking of something. He said it with pride suggesting that it is an unusual characteristic of someone from nashville....
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Lecture 10 - Feb 3rd - Chapter 5 - Stereotypes, Prejudice,...

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