Lecture 11 - Feb 8th

Lecture 11 - Feb 8th - 215 Feb 8th 2011 Star Trek Video...

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Star Trek Video: - when they were frst pitching the Star Trek concept, they thought it would never ever Fy because in the early 60’s, the US were not open to multicultural ideas. This show has a Russian, black person, and pointed ear people and is supposed to be appealing. but there was concern that the negative attitudes towards blacks, Russians, and pointy ears would ±ace criticism. It was daring to launch this show. They were worried that since these di±±erent characters are associated with stereotypes, would it a±±ect what shows they watch? - when you see the lieutenant do you see a women, black person, or military o±fcer How stereotypes Survive: Confrmation Biases - stereotypes are o±ten maintained and strengthened through confrmation biases - ex. talking to an “attractive” person on the phone will illicit behavior ±rom the person that rein±orces the attitude you hold (attractive) - negative attitude towards a certain cultural group and you are with someone ±rom that group, your negative attitudes will inFuence your behavior which inFuences their behavior - stereotypes can cause a perceiver to act in such a way that the stereotyped group member really does behave in a a stereotype-confrming way - the stereotype creates a ‘sel±-±ulflling prophecy” - Research example - stone et all (1997_ - ps listen to an audio tape o± a basketball game - one player is ±eatured signifcantly - 1/2 believe player was white - 1/2 believe player was black - i± you have a stereotype o± black people, you would think that they are born with the ability to play basketball but not necessarily the smartest people around - white people: not born with the ability to play basketball but they are smart - asked to evaluate how player had played in game - i± they believed to be black they were amazing at basketball but not so brilliant with court smarts (and opposite ±or whites) - just thinking that someone belongs to a stereotype biases how you interpret in±ormation about someone Stereotypes as (sometimes) automatic - Devine (1989): we become highly aware o± the contents o± many stereotypes through sociocultural mechanisms - awareness can lead to its automatic activation when exposed to a member o± stereotyped group - Can inFuence behavior even when do not consciously endorse the stereotype - eg. subliminal presentation - i± Fashed certain words that could trigger a stereotype (ex. white person, black person) 215: ²eb 8th, 2011
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What Factors can Infuence stereotype Activation 1. amount of exposure to the stereotype - when he was in israel his hosts were discussing “Bedouins” and they had negative attitudes towards them; they are a nomadic tribe. To the PRof (who had no exposure
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Lecture 11 - Feb 8th - 215 Feb 8th 2011 Star Trek Video...

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