Lecture 13 - Feb 17th

Lecture 13 - Feb 17th - 215: Feb 17th, 2011 Persuasion - we...

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Persuasion - we are exposed to elements of persuasion almost every minute of every day - advertising is one of the biggest source of persuasion that we are exposed to - associate an imagine that they think will be attractive or pleasing to you (to get you smoking) - then to get you to quit smoking they associate the imagine with something negative - this is one way to get you attracted or to avoid a certain product - we can also use fear tactics: just using negative association may not get the point we want - pictures of people dying of cancer on cigarette packages - fear is one of the primary drivers of avoidance. - therefore if we can associate something with death i will be successful - it is tricky though; lets say I want you to be active and I make you scared by saying that if you do not work on your physical health then you will get blank blank and blank disease. .. it may result in you refusing to watch that commercial - fear catches your attention, drives people to avoid, but may backFre with people tuning out - associations take time to build up so you must see the add many many times - when you see it you don’t all of a sudden want the product. .. advertising companies try to make these positive associations so that when you are in a situation when you are comparing a downy product to something else, you will decide downy. - positive associations are not the only thing in±uencing your behavior, cost is also major - if they cost the same then it is positive associations that will determine what you buy Coke vs Pepsi - not really an important product to your life but the company wants you to purchase their product - if you are working for pepsi would you suggest that they talk about all the cool things that are inside their product (the bubbles, color, sweetest, etc)
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Lecture 13 - Feb 17th - 215: Feb 17th, 2011 Persuasion - we...

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