Lecture 14 - March 1st

Lecture 14 - March 1st - Conformity VIDEO:- Mom says...

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Unformatted text preview: Conformity VIDEO:- Mom says “Markus I love you” in school yard and everyone makes fun of him VIDEO 2: (Walk to Remember)- they say “nice sweater” and she says “thank you” and they all laugh- individual is behaving or dressing in a way that is different than other and they are therefore ridiculed. why?- they are punished because they are different and not conforming...- it seems we don’t want people to be different, we want people to be like us Conformity:- pressure for us to all behave the same way- you want most of the people conforming most of the time (not everyone all the time)- part of conformity is automatic; ex. if I looked somewhere saying “WHAT IS THAT!” everyone else would look too- for some type of behaviors, conformity had an advantage (ex. indicating danger when someone looks and we all look)- young children who are developing, most of what they learn they learn by imitation (which is essentially what conformity is) Sick Building Syndrome- when he was in Halifax, a bunch of people were complaining about certain symptoms- they thought there was a toxin so they had experts come in to see why hospital employees were getting sick- out of a staff of 1200, 600 were off with environmental illness and they couldn’t Fnd the cause- they ripped up all the ¡oors and walls and insulation.. nothing made a difference- when one person claims certain symptoms you get nervous and check yourself out and focus on the symptoms and sooner or later you start thinking you have the symptoms too The Mullet...
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Lecture 14 - March 1st - Conformity VIDEO:- Mom says...

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