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Lecture 15 - March 3rd

Lecture 15 - March 3rd - 215 March 3rd 2011 Conformity...

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Conformity Asch’s Study - people started believing that the incorrect responses were actually correct - followed incorrect majority 37% of the time - 25% refused to go along - 50% conformed on at least 50% of critical trials - under certain conditions, you are willing to go along with something that you know is incorrect - some people actually started to believe that the others were correct: conforming can change your beliefs! -for this to happen, everyone has to be doing it. - if one person disagrees with EVERYONE (7 confederates, 6 all say the wrong answer and 1 says the correct answer), then YOU have a much smaller likelihood of conforming - need a unanimous majority for conformity to work! - certain things we need conformity. . (ex. military) Conformity - informational inFuence - assumption that others are correct - Sherif’s experiments - looking at dot and you are not 100% sure so you look to others to decrease your ambiguity. you are looking for information there - this is usually how conformity occurs in life - ex. you go to an Asian restaurant and everyone all the tables are very low so you look to see how others deal with that and you see they sit on the Foor so you do the same. you are looking to other people for information - Normative InFuence - ±ear of appearing deviant - the way people voice their opinion also makes a difference: if they say it with a lot of con²dence then you are more likely to think they are right - Asch’s experiments 1. Private Conformity - acceptance, conversion - Sherif’s experiments 215: March 3rd, 2011
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- start to believe whatever it is they say
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Lecture 15 - March 3rd - 215 March 3rd 2011 Conformity...

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