Lecture 17 - March 10th

Lecture 17 - March 10th - Chapter 9 - Attraction and Close...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 - Attraction and Close Relationships Relationships At end of life, when people are asked about the most important things in their lives, they typically mention their closest relationships in many ways, relationships impart meaning to human existence Relationships- music- men sing a lot about being dumped in country music; men are driving their pick up truck- women sing about leaving the guy; women are never driving- poetry- novels- topics of conversation Relationships- average number of romantic relationships?- does it mater to you how many relationships they have been in in the past?- maybe there is something wrong if they have been in a number of relationships.. maybe it wont be reliable- inFuence decision to enter relationship?- attractiveness?- it is the rst thing you see; you need to be somehow pleased... or else you wont take the next step- most accessible characteristic (you can see it!)- religion? culture?- tends to be a strong tendency to associate with those from the same religious and cultural background as you- it provides us with certain types of behavioral scripts and norms for our behavior- age?- men date those younger than them but women dont; why?- height?- women want to be shorter; evolutionary psychologists will say that women need someone to protect them- evolutionary psychologists say we only get together in order to reproduce- we generally chose someone of the same species...
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Lecture 17 - March 10th - Chapter 9 - Attraction and Close...

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