Lecture 18 - March 15th

Lecture 18 - March 15th - 215 March 15th 2011 Chapter 9...

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Chapter 9 - Attraction and Close Relationships What Leads to Attraction? - lets say you show up to a psyc experiment by yourself. There is someone there of the opposite sex; what would you say to another person? - usually male initiates conversation - most common response “are you here for the experiment too?” - “yes” “me too” - pressure to interact when too people are together - often ask “what do you study” because of the setting they are in - likely to ask “where are you from” - trying to get a picture of the person, and a bit more than that - looking for similarities and common ground - if you do not Fnd common ground, the pauses become longer and longer and longer. .. - this does not feel very good. the pauses feel like this person does not like you - STORY: really wealthy people live close by and they got an invitation to their house warming party; they go and all these really expensive cars show up and him and his wife are walking around. all the people came from such a different world that it was impossible to discuss anything with them - what are the indicators that things are going well in the interaction? - laughter and smiling, eye contact - body language (moving closer to the person) - the discussion may be getting more intimate and not superFcial will the Queen get together with the guard? - chances are; no. - why? What makes someone attractive? - symmetrical faces - when people judge attractiveness of faces, people rate symmetrical faces as more attractive - muscularity of men: V-shape of men: broad shoulders and small waists - women's bodies: hour-glass shape - pleasant disposition; particularly in interactions - women features similar to baby features (bigger eyes) the more attractive - big lips for women, high cheekbones - why do we like these features? -
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Lecture 18 - March 15th - 215 March 15th 2011 Chapter 9...

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