Lecture 19 - March 17th

Lecture 19 - March 17th - Chapter 9 - Relationships...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 - Relationships Breakups- when you meet someone with the intentions of developing a relationship, you will be cautious about giving up your sexuality- men get aggressive when another man wants the woman that they want- maybe it is an alpha male thing and I think that if I am victorious then the woman will like me more- the more powerful they are the more the woman will like them- there is a huge intensity when relationships are threatened Men give stuff- women dont give men stuff!- maybe the evolutionary heritage where men have to demonstrate that they have resources to provide the potential child with- women like to feel special- men want to keep the object of their affection so they give them things as a sign of commitment Equity- young, attractive women- men with resources- social exchange theory: one of the things that will make a relationship work is equity. therefore even if they do not match technically (in terms of the matching hypothesis), there are other ways to match- this will play a role in the maintenance of the relationship- if you feel like you are doing a whole lot more in one domain than your partner, you will feel that it is unfair. BUT if he is doing everything in another domain than it is OKAY.- Prof was in a relationship where she was doing too much which made him feel uncomfortable... it is as if she was putting in everything and you feel in-debt.. and you do not know how to resolve it and you dont feel good about it. she would do all these nice things and accumulate all these points and then she would ask...
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Lecture 19 - March 17th - Chapter 9 - Relationships...

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