Lecture 21 - March 24th

Lecture 21 - March 24th - 215 Chapter 11 Aggression FINAL...

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Chapter 11: Aggression FINAL: - cumulative - 50% - April 26, 9:00 am Aggression - why do we aggress? - we aggress a lot as a species - lots of wars - may use aggression to get information - what motivates that aggression when we go to war - after years of oppression? - resources? - religion? - jealousy? - superiority? - what motivated the Germans to try to exterminate the Jews? - the jews were scapegoats? so that someone could pay for deeds of the past and they chose the jews. .. - saw the jews as different and bad (due to propaganda); “cleansing the race” - the people who drove the airplanes into the Twin Towers in NYC? - territory? ideology? retribution? - person who walks into Dawson college and shoots? - felt injustice. .. maybe he was unhealthy - on the hockey arena? - ingroup/outgroup? JOHN L. SULLIVAN: - our Proff was named after him, he was a heavyweight champion! - Spike Sullivan: a boxer. .. he was apparently able to empty out Henry’s Tavern even when he was blind. .. - Prof was enrolled in high school boxing, was not good at it. .. this is not the kind of sport you want to do if you are not good at it - certain types of dogs are more aggressive than others, what makes them aggress? - something genetic or inherited - can train a dog to be violent - “Casey” was Prof;s dog. “Toby” was the next door neighbor. Toby would come over onto his property. .. dogs physically aggress but humans don’t do that to make a point (ex. if another Prof would always come earlier to this class as if trying to kick our Prof out, he would not attack him physically) 215: March 24, 2011
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- severity of aggression is not about how often we think about it but our means of aggression. . Ideology Territory Resources Injustice Competition What is Aggression? - by 1983, there were more than 250 different deFnitions of aggression - aggression is deFned as behavior that is intended to harm another individual - how do we know someone's intentions? - aggressive behavior can come in many different forms Language of Aggression - Violence - refers to extreme acts of aggression - Anger - consists of strong feelings of displeasure in response to a perceived injury - Hostility - is a negative, antagonistic attitude toward another person or group Types of Aggression - instrumental aggression : harm is in±icted as a means to a desired end - emotional aggression: harm is in±ected for its own sake - killing someone because saw wife with another man. .. Which are acts of aggression?
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Lecture 21 - March 24th - 215 Chapter 11 Aggression FINAL...

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