Lecture 1 - Jan 5th

Lecture 1 - Jan 5th - Jan 5th, 2010 Lecture 1 -...

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Lecture 1 - Introduction to Personality Richard Koestner **class cancelled on Monday January 17th** - 23 years at McGill - Social,Personality, Developmental, Clinical Text Book : The Person: An Introduction to the Science of Personality Psychology (5th Edition); McAdams, Daniel - lecture material cumulative but text book material NOT (Frst 5 chapters on midterm 1 then never again) - Professor had a friend TED: he is very extroverted and always ran into people on the subway and would sing on the subway. Professor wanted to be like that “EGO-IDEAL”; professor didn’t want to sing that song on the subway but he wanted to have some of the uninhibitedness What the Professor was hoping would be covered: - how can I get a personality? - am I stuck with the personality I now have - why do I have the personality that I now have - why am I different from when I was a 10 year old - why is there such a difference between the person I think I really am and the person I am able to present to others? Other Interesting Questions that could have been covered
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Lecture 1 - Jan 5th - Jan 5th, 2010 Lecture 1 -...

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