Lecture 2 - Jan 7th

Lecture 2 - Jan 7th - Jan 7th 2010 How do we Know Another...

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How do we Know Another Person **Midterm Exam: Wednesday February 16th: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - observe and make inferences about people all the time - this is an adaptive thing to do - by doing this we hope that we can predict what our interactions will be like with them - will we get a long with them? will they make a good friend? - Psyc Department was interviewing Prof’s for potential Prof - they are pretty much on stage the whole time and they know that people are making judgments about you - they spend some time judging the scienti±c credentials of the candidate as well as the personality characteristics - a lot of personality assessments ±t into hiring a professor in a science faculty - commonly used taxonomy of personality traits: Big Five - there are limitations of the Big Five traits - Dan McAdams wrote an article called “What do we know when we know a person” Film Clip from the Of±ce - funny boss and interesting characters; a love romance between two people Jim and Pam who work in the of±ce - Jim loves Pam but Pam is engaged to someone from high school, Jim is quiet about things until close to her wedding then he tells her and she freaks out. He moves of±ces and she cancels the wedding. ... - Jim comes back but he has a girlfriend “Karen” - Adjectives for Pam - sweet, gentle, timid, agreeable, guarded - 18 000 terms in english language that describe personality but many are state-like
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Lecture 2 - Jan 7th - Jan 7th 2010 How do we Know Another...

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