Lecture 14 - Feb 9th

Lecture 14 - Feb 9th - David Zuroff taught this course for...

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Unformatted text preview: David Zuroff- taught this course for 20 years, - Chair of Department- clinical psychologist; research areas in personality and depression- study psychotherapy and depression, interested in evolutionary psychology Now- evaluation system will be the same- text and assigned readings will remain the same- DIFFERENT: shift in lectures to theories- lectures will be disconnected from the text - he doesnt like when people are texting or reading a newspaper- same TAs Gordon Allport (1897 - 1967)- he was the father of trait psychology I. Historical context- he did his famous work in 1920s, at this time, personality psychology was really only Freud and his disciples- Allport was not a medically educated practicing psychotherapist as was everyone else in the eld at the time (like Frued)- Allport was a broadly educated humanist (and not an educating medical doctor), he was immersed in literature, philosophy, religious studies therefore his roots not in empiricism- (1) he was very self-consciously not liking what Freud was theorizing.- (2) he was self-consciously reacting against behaviorism (Thorndike, Watson, Skinner)- interested in nromality, not psychopathology- interested even in those at their highest level of functioning (doing very well!)- He created the discipline of personality psychology. As an academic sub-discipline (own text books, journals, theories), it all owed from Allport. He dened the key issues in personality psychology (that we still use today!), he wrote the rst textbook!- he taught the rst personality courses- he made a series of personality psychology- 1. trait psychology- 2. rst person to study in a systematic way, the self and self-esteem (the whole vast literature on this stems from Allport)- 3. Allport was one of the founding gures of humanistic psychology (positive psychology). Carl Rogers and Maslow: all takes off from Allport II. Traits A. Allports contribution- what he didnt do: he did not invent the term (we all spoke about traits before Allport)....
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Lecture 14 - Feb 9th - David Zuroff taught this course for...

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