Lecture 24 - March 21st

Lecture 24 - March 21st - FREUD I. Introduction A. Why the...

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Unformatted text preview: FREUD I. Introduction A. Why the fuss? B. Three Theories in one II.Basic Assumptions A. Psychic Determinism B. Unconscious Mental Processes 1. Origins of idea 2. Other Unconscious Phenomena 3. SpeciFc Assumptions a. dynamic b. sexual c. primary III. Psychic Energy A. Overview B. Where did he get that from? IV.The Insticts A. Overview B. Summary of Instinct Theory 1. Source 2. Aim C. What does this model predict? 1. Image of the person 2. Heredity 3. Tension- reduction/ Hedonism 4. Primarily sexual motivation D. Displacement and Derivatives E. Types of instincts Life (Libido) vs Death F. Evaluation of Instinct Theory 332: March 21st, 2011 V. Structure of Personality A. Overview B. Three principles C. The ID D. The Ego E. The Super-Ego VI. Psychodynamics A. Hard tasks of the Ego B. Intrapsychic conFict- situation with anxiety, guilt or shame coupled with an important motive or feeling (gigantic fat man who wants to be taken care of by people but is ashamed of that, ex. want to angrily retaliate but feel guilty to do that) C. Defense Mechanisms- some authors say 5, 8, 10... There are 3 main ones listed below (repression, projection, reaction formation: would be found anywhere) 1. Unconscious 2. Maladaptive 3. Three major types (i) repression; (ii) projection; (iii) reaction formation- (i) REPRESSION: motivated forgetting, ignoring. It is the forcing out of consciousness of an anxiety arousing impulse or idea or perception or memory- ex. if i forgot my lunch then it was presumably an accident. but if i didn’t like my lunch and i “forgot it” then that is repression- ex. you are in NYC, leave your hotel to take a taxi downtown and the driver is very rude and you are Flled with murderous rage. you have been raised to believe it is not nice to kill others so you feel guilty. you get out of the taxi... repression does not mean denial but means being oblivious (blanking out). repressive thoughts to murderous rage is NOT to say “he wasn’t rude to me” (that is denial). repression is when friend says “he was disgusting” and you say “what do you mean”. it is forcing out of awareness. this is an unconscious process you are not trying to push it out of your mind....
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Lecture 24 - March 21st - FREUD I. Introduction A. Why the...

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