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Lecture 8 - Sept 28

Lecture 8 - Sept 28 - Lecture 8 McCleans magazine stated...

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Lecture 8 McCleans magazine stated that Quebec is the most corrupt province... our job to be skeptical consumers - what do they mean by corrupt? - comparing Quebec to the other provinces.. who are they comparing? - how do they know that they are corrupt? evidence? - how corrupt are the other provinces? how small is the difference? - maybe there are just better journalist in Quebec with better reporting so we have more access to the evidence - maybe our criminals aren’t good at hiding their crimes - for most of our history as a species, when something made a noise, you saw the noise ( a rock falling down a hill, someone talking to you, etc) - co-occurrence of auditory and visual information that leads to McGurk effect (in textbook) - your brain doesn’t respect boundaries when determining receptors - your brain combines information - visual info can strongly influence or overpower the auditory information - Speaker is mouthing Da but saying Ba - brain interpolates, averages the two and you hear a sound halfway between the sound Da and Ba = Ga. if you close your eyes you will hear Ba perfectly. if you play it on mute you will see Da. When you see it and hear t at the same time: Ga! - one sensory system is giving you information that another sensory system is in conflict with - illusions are a way of showing us that our systems make mistakes - we perceive the world in the way that our brain thinks it should be - saying Gaite, sounds Baite, hearing DATE.
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