Lecture 10 - Oct 5

Lecture 10 - Oct 5 - Lecture 10 Chapter 7 Q If science is...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 10 - Chapter 7 Q: If science is the pursuit of truth are we all in pursuit of truth unconditionally? A: a truly religious person; can you think of a circumstance in which you would lose faith in the Creator? - most people would say “no”- the Torah: Avraham is asked to kill Yitzchak and Avraham agrees to kill only son because of his unconditional love for his creator- Iyov lost everything but still unconditionally loved Hashem Do we pursue scientiFc truth at any cost?- not at ethical implications: science Fction movie where everyone is raised in order to have body parts so people don’t really live long- no such thing as free will and it is all an illusion and everything we say and do is pre- determined and written into your genes; genetics is entirely deterministic- do we want to know when the world will end??- science is meant to be the pursuit of truth within a moral and ethical framework- suppose your parents had you by accident, you may not want to know that- suppose somewhere in your ancestry there was a famous ax-murderer.. do you want to know?- often therapists and teachers./government, etc; know things that they don’t tell us for moral, ethical or compassionate reasons- often scientists don’t pursue questions because there are ethical issues or because the answer is unsettling- we have ethics boards (at every University) and government, etc- before you can conduct an experiment a group of people must decide that it is a) ethical and b) worth extensive resources and participants time for the hypotheses- BUT we don’t have a universal criteria of ethics and morality......
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Lecture 10 - Oct 5 - Lecture 10 Chapter 7 Q If science is...

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