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Lecture 11 - oct 7

Lecture 11 - oct 7 - Oct 7 2010 Lecture 11 Memory rest...

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Lecture 11 - Memory rest tired asleep wake dream slumber night - rest was first word saw therefore consistent with primacy effect - recency effect write down last word you saw - asleep was not there .... - we wrote it down - this is how the semantic network functions - word sleep in memory became activated because all the surrounding concepts were activated - “false memory” - miss remember things - think someone said something they didn’t - forget where we heard or learned info; source monitoring deficit - President Ragen: gave interview where started talking about days in air-force even though he never was in the air-force but he played a soldier when he was an actor and he forgot it was just a character but he registered it as him - someone tells you a movie is good and you forget who told you Controversy: - memories that people report being abused as children and they forget about these memories for many many years and only recover them in “false memory syndrome - don;t believe its real” - “recovery of memories” - those who believe it is real and they really were abused - some people had traumatic experiences as children; some forgot about these experiences and remember them later - some people didn’t have these traumatic experiences but as adults become convinced that they did - do we use questionable techniques and implant suggestions? - trying to help patient to remember past .... - when asked to visualize all these things “how would they have done it, what would they have told you?” - they can’t distinguish idea from the real event - under hypnosis people aren’t in regular mind state - problem with “recovered” memories: how could they have been suppressed and remain dormant for so long - if you witness some heinous event (in army), the images are repressed -most people don’t repress the memory but some do - supposed cases of “recovered” memories there was overwhelming evidence that the abuse could NOT have happened
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