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Lecture 14 - Oct. 19

Lecture 14 - Oct. 19 - Lecture 14 Health Psychology placebo...

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Lecture 14 - Health Psychology - placebo: treatment or intervention with no physical basis (sugar pill) - with no physical basis, people can start feeling better - science tries to figure out the difference between real effects and placebo effects - people tend to give undue weight to personal experiences at the expense of statistical information - availability heuristic: analogy for how placebo effects can occur with claims of alternative medicine - alternative medicine: either doesn’t work or hasn’t been proven to work - alternative medicine: claims that drinking tea out of thistle weed will foster the immune system: they are known not to work so they can say anything about it and market it in any way they want - regular medicine is carefully regulated how to market their product “health Canada” has a say in everything they say - alternative medicine has no status so health canada has no say - you can test positive for HIV and you still have only a 30% chance of having it - evolutionary lag
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