Lecture 15 - Oct. 21

Lecture 15 - Oct. 21 - Oct. 21, 2010 Lecture 15 - Health...

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Lecture 15 - Health and Well-Being - homeopathic medicine Placebo Effects: - real - intervention without a physical treatment - thinking that we are going to get better - placebo effects: reduce stress; activate the same areas of the brain as the physical issue - brain regulates and produces certain chemicals (cortisol = stress hormone) - regulates production of killer cells, T-cells, modulate levels of chemicals that provide natural increase of heart rate, etc - thinking you are going to get better: brain increases function of immune system (we don’t know how), optimism reduces healthy hormones, etc - why don’t we directly ask the doctor for a placebo? - placebo effect only works if you don’t know - ex. people think they are drinking alcohol and acting drunk when it is fake! (same with marijuana and acid) - * “locks zone” - proves placebo effect - people respond to personal intention - 2 groups: 1. intervention, 2. control - control group was ignored. did intervention group get better or did control group get worse? - pain in back: get massages and help and speakers and how are you doing? and what can i do for you? human intervention! - without that sense that someone cares about you, many people spiral in decline - must have the same intervention for both groups* - if you think acupuncture works how exactly are you going to test it against a control without sticking pins in someone’s back? this is the issue with homeopathic medicine. .. - this is actually done in many many cultures and traditions but the “points” to prick vary
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Lecture 15 - Oct. 21 - Oct. 21, 2010 Lecture 15 - Health...

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