Lecture 2 - Jan 11th

Lecture 2 - Jan 11th - Conferences-schedule on syllabus...

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Conferences -schedule on syllabus & minerva, posted on WebCT -attending will help to understand! Last Class -Definitions on cognitive psychology -Historical perspectives -Early dialectics -Classical cognitive psychology and information processing Evolution of Classical Cognitive Psychology Criticisms of the Classical Approach -How exactly is information processed? -What is a transformation? -How does it operate? -we don’t have answers today, but they are very important questions New Approaches Cognitive Neuroscience -experimental approach and a way of thinking -relate brain anatomy and processes to our cognitions -approach is precise and methodical to how it links things Cognitive Ethology (new field) -seeks to understand people in groups and introspective accounts AS WELL AS observing behaviour -to understand the mind, you have to see how people act and behave in their natural environment Modeling behaviour as a dynamic system Modeling behaviour based on brain function Methods of Cognitive Psychology Methodological Approach -Interdisciplinary (shift to cognitive neuroscience) -Objective empirical method -empirical and experimental: conclusions based on carefully controlled experiments and science -lots of stuff happens in our unconsciousness (but it’s removed from science because it cannot be measured) -shows what we’re conscious of Example Approaches -Controlled laboratory experiments -Behavioural measures (RT, accuracy) -Brain function -Case studies -patient studies: people with cognitive differences
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Lecture 2 - Jan 11th - Conferences-schedule on syllabus...

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