Lecture 5 - Jan 20th

Lecture 5 - Jan 20th - Perception Last class:...

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Perception Last class: -Perception vs. Sensation -What vision is (not)? -Theories of human vision Perception operates both as bottom-up (influence of features) and as top-down (influence of experience/expectations, etc) Our perceptual system is limited - illusion of detail! Today: Gestalt Movement (psychology & perception) -emphasizes experience and wholeness in contrast with behaviourism What is vision for? Gestalt Despite the illusion of detail, we experience our perceptions as whole, rather than combination of elements. -Gestalt capitalizes on this movement - our perception being as whole Example: Bi-stable figures -idea of emergent wholeness of our perceptions -the cube Whole percepts are entities and cannot be broken down: Principles of perceptual organization (more general) Emergence : Perceptions arise as a whole Reification : Perceived part contains more information than the physical stimulus Multi-stability : Tendency for two different percepts to alternate (figure ground segregation) -what’s the figure, what’s the background Invariance : Simple geometric shapes are recognized regardless of orientation, shape, etc Principles of perceptual grouping (more specific) Closure Proximity Good Continuation Similarity Common Fate Symmetry Closure : Similar to reification principle - see things that really aren’t there, and we perceptually try to close things that actually don’t close (circle out of separate lines). Works with anything (different
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Lecture 5 - Jan 20th - Perception Last class:...

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