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Further information http://www.perdisco.com/elms/qsam/html/qsam.aspx 1 of 5 13/05/2008 8:33 PM Navigation map You have currently completed approximately 1% of your Accounting Practice Set. We estimate that it may take you up to a further 19.75 hours of study time to complete this and the remaining Practice Set pages. This page of the Accounting Practice Set could take you up to 0.25 hour of study time to complete. These time frames are a guide only. It may take you more or less time to complete each step. Further information This practice set continues over multiple pages. Saving your position. If you want to save this practice set where you are up to and come back to it at a later time, click the bookmark button on this page to save your position and be returned to your home page. To re-enter the practice set at this page at a later time, simply click the link that you originally clicked to access this practice set. Please note that any answers you have entered on the bookmarked page are not kept with your bookmark. Please review this page carefully because it contains important information about this practice set. When you are ready to begin the practice set, click start question 1 . Further information This page introduces you to further information that you will need to complete the practice set. The information on this page will continue to be made available to you through a link on each subsequent page of the practice set. However, it may be useful to print this page because you will be referring to it regularly. Renegade Sports Post-closing trial-balance As at 31-05-08 Account No. Name Debit Credit 100 Cash at bank 48,285 101 Petty Cash 400 110 ARC - Accounts Receivable Control 16,637 120 Inventory 54,040 130 Office Supplies 3,641 140 Prepaid Rent
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This note was uploaded on 03/03/2012 for the course ACCT 1501 taught by Professor Helen during the Three '09 term at University of New South Wales.

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